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About the Author

Amanda C. Thompson, the IOWA newsletter’s star reporter and editor-in-chief, is an award-winning journalist with a background in community news. She rode her first Onewheel in June 2016 while working as a full-time reporter at a community newspaper. 6 years, 6 boards, and more than 10,000 miles later, Amanda (a.k.a. 1woman1wheel) is a community staple focused on bringing riders together, inspiring women to send it, and of course, digging up the facts on what’s happening in the Onewheel world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does IOWA do?

A. We encourage the growth of Onewheel board sports through community, training and competition. This includes:

i) Supporting member event organizers through the planning and execution process;

ii) Developing best practices based on reviews from past events;

iii) Identifying and providing training resources from the pros to enrich the membership community;

iv) Standardizing competition metrics and ranking systems across events;

v) Identifying, presenting, and mediating broad, sport-wide issues for the community, such as the use of modifications in competition and competition formats;

vi) Advocating and providing resources for members facing local regulatory issues such as trail access, safety laws, and negotiations with local governing bodies or advocacy groups;

vii) Providing any other assistance and support for members on an ad hoc basis where appropriate.

Q. I don’t race in competitions and I’m not into learning tricks. Why should I join IOWA?

A. Joining immediately pays for itself in the form of member-exclusive discounts on products offered by our many generous vendor sponsors. Secondarily, you are supporting growth and advocacy of the sport, which is to every rider’s benefit. Trail advocacy is our primary objective in the coming year. We aim to ensure that our community has access to our favorite trails without fear of being banned. In 2021/22, we will focus on generating resources, cooperating with other stakeholders, and forging positive relationships with trail associations, parks leadership, and law enforcement to ensure access and inclusion.

Q. What happens to my money when I join IOWA?

A. IOWA is a federally recognized 501(c)(7) non-profit organization. Membership supports the growth of the sport in a non-profit environment within the guidelines of our mission. IOWA HAS NO FINANCIAL INCENTIVE, and cannot by law. Your annual fee helps provide organization, event support assistance, IOWA resource design, membership growth, and other mission-specific goals.

Q. How long has IOWA been around and what has it done?

A. IOWA was formally incorporated in February of 2020 in the State of Florida, but it’s genesis began in the summer of 2018 during a conversation amongst friends. In its inaugural year, the organization has drafted the first series of standardized rules for Onewheel racing and disseminated them to the community for feedback; supported and promoted member events in the United States and Europe; provided liability waivers for member event organizers; and provided training guides.

Q. Who runs IOWA?

A. IOWA is run by its Founding Board members. Their names and bios are listed on IOWA’s website at

Q. Why did the Founding Board members start IOWA?

A. The founding members are experienced Onewheel community members who built relationships within the Onewheel community as early as 2016-2018, back when “everyone knew everyone” that rode a Onewheel. These relationships solidified at the very limited events for Onewheel, such as Floatlife Fest and the original Race for the Rail. Not surprisingly, many of these early riders went on to become leaders in the community as athletes, vendors, and advocates. The Founding Board members saw the opportunity to leverage this loose network into IOWA to provide tighter, more official structure and guidance as the sport grows out of obscurity. In unity, these Founding Board members hope to provide a strong and thoughtful voice to assist the sport as it navigates into the mainstream.

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